Sports Fields

We carry out a variety of services for the following sportsturf applications:

  • Football Clubs
  • Cricket Clubs
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Hockey Clubs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Local Authority open spaces
  • Large private gardens
  • Sports Pitch Construction

Philliskirk’s have undregone numerous ‘new build’ natural play surfaces involving striping top soil regrading sub soil to the required levels and replacing the top soil. Installing new drainage systems cultivating and seeding,renovations and maintainence until it is ready to play.


Primary Drainage

We have modern Mastenbroek machinery designed to excavate narrow trenches,install pipe to laser grade and elevate soil directly into trailers in one contiuous operation. All operators are experienced with working on existing grass surfaces and all equipment is fitted with low ground pressure tracks or tyres. On most occasions the surface is playable instanlty leaving minimum disruption.


Secondary Drainage

Secondary drainage is a method of removing the suraface water on a playing surface most effectly down into the piped system below.

We have several methods of secondary drainage which can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget.

A few of our secondary drainage methods include:

We can offer one off services on playing surfaces or where it is more cost effective to have a full maintnenance services.

A few of our maintenance renovation services include: